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.Helene H. Oord Pics Erasmus Bridge R'dam.


Ms. Hélène H. Oord – UN Counselor & Liaison and Ambassador to the United Nations.

Year 2016, Letter of Engagement to Ms. Hélène H. Oord

Project One Inc. 2016 letter of Engagement Ms. Hélène. H. Oord

An Ordained Reverend street Evangelist, Chairperson and Founder of Worldview Mission (WM) – Worldview Mission is member of the United Nations CSO-NET (ECOSOC CIVIL Society Network NGO Branch, New York.) Headquarter of Worldview Mission Int’l is based in The Netherlands (Holland) that advocate for improvement on the quality of life for the people living in poverty helping them to become self-sufficient. Worldview Mission has more than 33 country representatives in 5 regions: Africa, Asia, Middle East North & South America, Europe (USA, Brazil, Dubai-Youth Department) and the Netherlands (Headquarters).

Ms. Hélène H. Oord has wide experience as a trained chaplain, pastoral Care Giver and consultant; she resides in The Netherland’s.

As Public Relations she has a wide network consortium and Global Networking with youth, United Nations, and NGO’s with UN ECCOSOC Status. She collaborates with international organizations that concerned international issues in their community towards the UN 8th Millennium Development Goals and UN 2015 Post Development Agenda.

She, Helene H. Oord is proud to be a UN Ambassador by God Almighty. The message is sent through the founders of Project One Inc. Dr. Scott Moore and Dr. T.L. Lowery Foundation with UN-ECOSCO STATUS.  Ms. Hélène H. Oord has done media Multicultural TV programs in New York Studio Bronx and The Netherlands (EU) and also invited as guest speaker on Queens New York, public current affairs TV show.

Prior to this, she has organized events at the United Nations after enough research at the UN information Centre. With her experience she is able to consult NGO organizations to become part of the system of United Nations, including the recent launching of the 1st 2015-Post Development Agenda in Holland and working with Government’s like Poland and other EU countries on launching of the 2015 – Post Development Agenda with collaborative Network partners of Worldview Mission.

Ms. Hélène H. Oord is daily in co-operation with Professors, UN Advisors, on MGD’s and Post-2015 Developments Agenda to achieve a sustainable world for future generations for the Better World.


1st Fruit  activities, Netherlands,  “Multicultural Talk show  Hélène

Her first fruit for the Lord was her television program where she host and produced her own show called, “Multicultural talk show Hélène”.

1st Fruit  activities United States,  “Hélène H. Oord Ministries Int.

In the United States she hosted and produced shows in a studio and collaborate in different tv programs with colleagues, New York, Church A-Live, on Bronx net Studio.




.H H Oord Certivicate (9) HELENE-SCHOOL-NY-CERTIVCATES-NY HELENE-Less-then-a-whole-SCHOOL-Certivicate-of-Completion-BTC-NY

H H Oord Certivicate (1) HELENE-HELENE-CERTIV-NY-0011



H H Oord Certivicate (5) HELENE-CERTIVICATE-NEW-YORK-001

H H Oord Certivicate (6) HELENE-CERTIVCATE-2-0013


Helene H. Oord Founder of Worldview Mission



Helene H. Oord Ministries Int’l








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Worldview Mission, Headquarter, “The Kingdom of the Netherlands”

Worldview Mission, Suriname


Contact:  Ms. Hélène H. Oord

Em:   /

Address: Beemsterhoek 14,  2905 XA, Capelle A/D IJssel, Rotterdam

Mob: +31(0) 636108563    /   +31(0) 107857863  Tel

(Netherlands-EU) , Registered: RSIN, ANBI 851082403 B01


SEPA: Bank Account nr.:  NL08 ABNA 0506 0822 02



*Worldview Mission  is Standing Up ,* Taking Action* , **Making Noise for the United Nations MDGL’s !!!**



. campaign=transparantie



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